Human Resources

Mr Thompson Moyo- Deputy Registrar

The Human Resources department is one of the departments that fall under the Registrar's Department. It's responsibilities include the following amongst others:-

  •   Advertising of all University vacant posts.
  •   Arranging for and servicing Selection Boards for Academic and Administration Departments/Sections.
  •   Compiling letters of offer and or appointment of staff for the Deputy Registrar's , Registrar and Vice Chancellor..   Regretting unsuccessful applicants/candidates.
  •   Introducing new senior staff to Sections/Departments.
  •   Advising on Salaries and Conditions of Service.
  •   Handling Labour Relations issues.
  1.     Non-Academic Staff Promotions Committee .
  2.     Staff Development Committee .
  3.     Salaries and Conditions of Service Committee.
  4.     Study Loans and Grants and the Staff Handbook.
  5.     Job Grading Committee 
  •     Implementing Committee decisions.
  •     Attending to general queries from both the public and staff.
  •     Assisting Sections/Departments with relief staff.
  •     Allocating students on attachment from Colleges to the various Sections/Departments of the University.
  •     Compiling updating and maintaining staff records.
  •     Processing applications for leave.
  •     Processing resignations.
  •     Liaising with the various Sections/Departments and outside organisations.
  •     Coordinating training programmes.
  •     Advising on issues concerning employees' safety, health and welfare

Departmental Staff