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The National University of Science and Technology strives to become a flourishing and reputable institution not only in Zimbabwe and in Southern Africa but also among the international fraternity of Universities. Its guidance, cultural values is the encouragement of all its members and society of those attitudes of fair-mindedness, understanding, tolerance and respect for people and views which are essential for the attainment and maintenance of justice, peace and harmony at all times. 

On the 8th of April 1991, NUST opened for the very first time with 270 students in the three Faculties that have already been mentioned. The number of academic staff was 28. On the 28th October 1991, the University organized a large public ceremony to instal its first Chancellor His Excellency Cde R. G. Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe and its first Vice-Chancellor, Professor Phinias Makhurane, and to lay the institution's Foundation stone
The ceremony was held at the University site where a large and colourful camp had been constructed for the purpose. A separate report on the installation and Foundation laying ceremony has been prepared and all the speeches delivered on that day are included in the report. (available from the information office). For the 1992/93 academic year the University admitted an additional 300 students into the first year in the three existing faculties viz, Commerce, Applied Science and Industrial Technology. Student numbers grew to over 1200 by 1995. During the same period Academic Staff in post grew to 85.On Saturday 27 May 1995 the University held its first Graduation Ceremony at which the Doctor of Technology honorary degree was conferred upon the President and Chancellor Cde R.G. Mugabe. Some 163 graduates from the Faculties of Commerce and Applied Sciences were capped. This was indeed a historical event.

On the 20th of July, 1995 the University held its second graduation ceremony, where 281 graduands were capped. The first cohort of graduates from the Faculty of Industrial Technology and the Department of Computer Science were conferred with degrees on that occasion.
A generous donation by the Bulawayo City Council of a site 160 hectares in size and the provision of a capital budget by Government has enabled the first construction phase to begin. The Building programme was initially delayed due to the shortage of water in Bulawayo. Work started in March 1992 when the first contract valued at Z$4,6m was awarded to A. P. Gledinning for the bulk earth works and civil engineering construction for roads. Briefs for the building were completed in May 1992.

In July 1993 the construction programme started with the award of our first contract to Belmont Construction for the Administration Block. A year later, in September 1994 the second contractor, International Construction Zimbabwe started work on the Faculty of Commerce block. In November and December 1994 work also started on the departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering respectively. Construction of the first student hostel began a year later, in September, 1995. However, progress on the construction of this building has been hampered by cashflow problems. Work on the Library began in April 1998, followed by the Ceremonial Hall and the Student Services Centre in November of the same year. 
The University moved to campus on the 1st of August, 1998, to occupy the Faculty of Commerce and Administration Buildings. The first lectures on campus took place in the Faculty of Commerce Building on the 17th of August, 1998. 
The university acknowledges the contributions of all those people who were so ready to render their services either as members of the Sub-Committees or in other capacities

On the 1st of October 1991, the total number of people involved on a full-time basis with what was going on at NUST was:


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Professor Mqhele E. Dlodlo (Current)


Professor Samson Sibanda (Acting: 2015-March 2018)


Professor Lindela R. Ndlovu (2005-2015)


Professor Phineas M. Makhurane (1991-2004)




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