The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) came into being through the NUST Act and Statutes of 1991. Its establishment was approved by the NUST council in December 2000, in line with the University’s initial primary mission and advancement of knowledge with special bias towards the diffusion and extension of science and technology through teaching, pure research, applied research and the fostering of close ties with commerce and industry. The Centre's mandate is to facilitate and provide flexible continuing education and training opportunities to a wider public through the various departments of the university. In addition to in-house programmes, the Centre offers context specific programmes developed at the behest of organizations and thus tailor-made to suit specific needs. The focus and aim is to equip participants with the requisite conceptual and technical competencies for appropriate application in their workstations. The Centre’s outreach programmes to the community are in line with one of the University’s core values of ‘Social Responsibility’. The outreach programmes are designed to avail higher education to communities and ordinary people in society. The CCE develops and runs extension education programmes designed to meet the development needs of the local communities, civil society and individuals.


Our programmes offer choice, quality and a variety of formats which meet the varying needs of participants. Courses are designed and taught to the highest standards of excellence by our experienced team of expert tutors. We refresh our programs on a regular basis and respond to current trends and demands. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you’ll explore new areas of personal and professional learning and gain new skills and knowledge. What better way to explore your passions and stretch your mind? We invite you to participate in the diverse learning opportunities offered and look forward to welcoming you to the Centre for Continuing Education either as a returning student or a new lifelong learner. The different categories of courses offered at the institute are as follows

Professional Development Courses

This is the prime mandate of the CCE for the dynamic entrepreneur or professional. The Courses in this stable are essentially short term to long term programmes duration ranging from 4 to 12 months. While some are standard, the bulk are tailor made courses to meet client and customer needs. The training is in-keeping with the NUST brand of excellence in the optimization of delivery, research, innovation and entrepreneurship for high level solutions. Accordingly, the broad objective is to assist the clients achieve the best possible returns on investment, technology and personnel deployment, with business reaching the market timeously, in the most cost- efficient manner, and approximating the highest quality standards. The programmes do cater for corporates and individuals according to demand, within our premises and out in the field. They are very affordable and high value for money.


This portfolio is underpinned by the strategic initiative to design and market short courses aimed at industry and commerce. Available under this category are internationally recognised qualifications such as Digital Skills Licence (DSL), Computer Systems Support (CSS), Network Systems Suport (NSS), Graphic Design and Web Design amongst others. These are programs that target post-secondary individuals who want to gain knowledge of computers or want to pursue careers in Information Technology. Another target in this category is adults that want to simply learn how to use a computer and the internet. IT professionals are also catered for if they wish to attain a certification in a specific area of IT.


Training ahead and beyond.


To be the prime Centre of excellence in Computer and Professional Development Courses at the service of Commerce, Industry, Organizations and Institutions.


The Centre is supervised by a Board of Studies, which is responsible for policy formulation and quality control. This ensures relevance of programmes and adherence to university academic standards. The Board is composed of representatives from all the University’s faculties and the Library. The day-to-day management of the Centre is under a Director who reports to the Pro- Vice-Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs


To develop and run extension education programs tailor made to meet the needs of civil society, industry, commerce and agriculture.