Mr. Charlie Ncube

Dean Of Students
Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). We are excited about our site, which we believe is a wonderful platform for constant interaction among our valued students, the NUST community, and other stakeholders. We recognize that information given to our students during the orientation week is overwhelming. The site, therefore, will make it possible for students to constantly get an update or refresher on the services offered by the Division, by simply clicking on the appropriate links provided on the site. Our top priority is to align our goals with the NUST Vision by ensuring that we graduate well-rounded professionals who will embrace global challenges and contribute positively towards the advancement of humanity.

We are proud to provide services that will facilitate a smooth transition for students from various backgrounds as they embark on the academic journey. We have planned high-quality out-of-class experiences of a holistic nature that are aimed at providing students with a balanced campus life. 
Each of our departments is manned by professionals who are always available to provide service. Additionally, we are concerned with student health and wellness issues pertaining to social, spiritual, occupational, environmental, physical, emotional, and intellectual wellness. Similarly, each of our departments is ready to provide guidance on the University policies and practices that will create an environment that is conducive for the student to pursue academic endeavors and to subsequently realize one's full potential. Our mandate, thus, is to guarantee quality student life at all times.

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Student Services

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

There are two main modes of student accommodation: University halls of residence ...
Student Counselling

Student Counselling

Our Student Counselling and Advisory Services are designed ...
Student Health

Student Health

The NUST Clinic caters for the welfare of all current NUST students when ...

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