Applying to NUST

If you wish to apply for an undergraduate place at NUST, you need to meet the criteria outlined in the Admissions Regulations for the specified Degree Programme. 

NUST students have a distinct academic ability and intellectual curiosity. They come from all over the country and bring with them an amazing range of personalities and interests. This helps make our University one of the most vibrant learning environments in Zimbabwe. NUST is recognised for its innovative curriculum, offering one of the best educations in the country and competition for places to study is intense. On average we receive over 20,000 applications for approximately 5000 places each year.

Before you start:

  1. Choose which course you would like to study. See information on all our courses
  2. Check the admission requirements for your course. Specific grades and subjects required are also shown on each course page.


  1. Personal details including an email address. Make sure you check this address frequently.
  2. Details about your education, and any qualifications you have already achieved. 
  3. A personal statement where you tell us why you are interested in your chosen course. 
  4. A fee payment to NUST is required to complete the process.

Applying to NUST

What is a Conventional Programme?

Conventional Programmes are those under the day scheme. They run through out a stipulated semester. or call +263 -292- 282842 Ext 2362/ 2392/ 2422/ 2470/ 2340/ 2334/ 2163/ 2418/ 2340/ 2606/ 2316/ 2807

Apply for Admission

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