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Informatics and analytics are the study of the behavior and structure of systems that generate, store, process, and present information. It is about the study and application of information and information technology. In other words, informatics transforms data and information into knowledge that people can use every day. Informaticists focus on the human use of computing, and on helping people interact with information systems in an efficient way. Informatics is, essentially, the science of information, of harnessing the power of data. And because reliable information is essential for effective operation and decision making in all kinds of enterprises, informatics is a big player in our world.

To be a center of excellence in teaching and learning, research, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and business development, through the utilization of information technology, not only for business environments but across all sectors of modern society.

To produce high quality graduates with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and acumen to analyse, process and manage data effectively providing solutions to scientific and technological problems across business environments and all sectors of modern society.

Discover the exciting field of informatics and unlock new ways of understanding the world. Our informatics program provides students with a strong foundation in computational thinking, which pervades theories in all disciplines. As a growth sector, informatics offers excellent career opportunities for qualified specialists. Harness the power and possibility of digital technology to transform data and information into knowledge that people use every day. Join us and be at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field.

Graduates of our informatics program have a wealth of career opportunities available to them. Our graduates go on to work at technology companies building consumer and enterprise information systems, not-for-profits developing technology for services and development, critical jobs in government and civil service, and even careers in academic and industry research on information technology. Common job titles for our informatics graduates include software engineer, web developer, user experience designer, usability engineer, project manager, cybersecurity professional, and product manager. Join us and launch your career in this exciting field.

The department conducts a variety of research in a collection of research clusters. Some of the research is across departments and faculties. An overview of the various research clusters and their respective focus areas is provided below. Feel free to contact any of the researchers for more information on their current projects and / or possible collaboration opportunities.

ICT4D stands for Information and Communication Technologies for Development. It refers to the use and application of technology and digital tools to assist poor and marginalized people in developing communities. ICT4D is an initiative aimed at bridging the digital divide and aiding equitable access to up-to-date communications. It is concerned with using new and existing technologies to extend the reach of communication and information resources, with the goal of accomplishing economic and social development goals. By promoting equitable access to information and communication technologies, ICT4D aims to improve people’s lives and reduce poverty.


Our Degree Programmes

BSc Hons Informatics

The programme is aimed at equipping the graduates with the appropriate knowledge, skills and values to be effective in...

Master of Science Honors in Big Data Science

The programme is aimed at equipping the graduates with the appropriate knowledge, skills and values to be effective in...

MSc Information Systems

The Master of Science in Information Systems is designed specifically for those graduates that need to learn more about the utilisation of...

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

The normal entrance requirements shall be an appropriate Honours Degree...

Doctor Of Philosophy (PhD)

The normal entrance requirement shall be an appropriate Masters Degree...

Departmental Staff

Mr. Khulekani Sibanda
Mr. Khulekani SibandaChairperson & Lecturer
Dr. Sibonile Moyo
Dr. Sibonile MoyoLecturer
Prof. Sibusisiwe Dube
Prof. Sibusisiwe DubeLecturer
Mr. Brian Guvava
Mr. Brian GuvavaLecturer
Mrs. Sifelumusa Charakupa
Mrs. Sifelumusa CharakupaSenior Secretary
Mr. Smart Ncube
Mr. Smart NcubeLecturer
Dr Phillip Nyoni
Dr Phillip Nyoni Lecturer
Cathrine Sibanda
Cathrine SibandaLecturer
 Belinda Mutunhu Ndlovu
Belinda Mutunhu NdlovuLecturer
Mary Dzinomwa
Mary DzinomwaLecturer
Washington Lawrence Marabada
Washington Lawrence MarabadaLecturer