Department of Applied Mathematics

Mr. Farikayi Mutasa

Dr Sarudzai Showa:

The Department started operating in 1991. The Department of Applied Mathematics currently has a staff complement of 1 Associate Professor, 11 Lecturers, 2 Research fellows, 2 Teaching Assistants, 1 Senior Technician and 1 Secretary. The Department of Applied Mathematics offers the degrees of BSc Honours in Applied Mathematics, MSc in Applied Mathematical Modelling, MPhil and PhD by research.

The core philosophy of the department is to apply mathematics to interesting and challenging problems relating to the world around us. Applied mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with mathematical methods that find use in physical sciences, biological sciences, social sciences, health sciences, computer science, engineering, business,  agriculture, economics, finance, research and development, forecasting, production planning and industry. Thus, applied mathematics is a combination of mathematical science and specialized knowledge. The term "applied mathematics" also describes the professional specialty in which mathematicians work on practical problems by formulating and studying mathematical models. Applied mathematics is the application of mathematics to real-world problems with the dual goal of explaining observed phenomena and predicting new, as yet unobserved, phenomena.

A mathematics degree helps you develop skills in:

  • Designing and conducting observational and experimental studies;
  • Developing mathematical or statistical models;
  • Analysing and interpreting data, finding patterns and drawing conclusions to support and improve business decisions;
  • Information technology;
  • Approaching problems in an analytical and rigorous way, formulating theories and applying them to solve problems in business, engineering, the sciences, and other fields;
  • Dealing with abstract concepts;
  • Presenting mathematical arguments and conclusions with accuracy and clarity;
  • Advanced numeracy and analysing large quantities of data;
  • Logical thinking.

You also develop key general skills that include:

  • Communication skills;
  • Time management;
  • Organisational skills and working methodically and accurately;
  • Teamwork and the ability to work independently.
The Department, through its Faculty, will continue to contribute to the teaching of Applied Mathematics, research and community engagement.
  • The Department offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes that meet the needs of the student, the discipline, industry and society. The courses in the degree programmes enhance mathematical skills, and problem solving skills necessary in today's society.
  • The degree programmes develop the students' ability to critically analyse data, present and interpret mathematical results in both a written and oral format.
  • The Department encourages and reinforces the critical thinking skills of the students and provides an environment which will help all students to achieve their professional goals.
  • Our academic staff are passionate about their discipline, and their teaching engages and inspires students.

  • Our students are attached at reputable companies and our graduates are in high demand in both the private and public sector.

  • Our graduates go on to rewarding careers in many different areas or to further studies at universities across the world.

Applied mathematics graduates find opportunities in both the private and public sectors. In the private sector, they are in high demand in financial services, scientific and engineering research, software development, and management consulting. In the public sector, they analyze and develop public policy, safeguard digital resources, and process intelligence data. By training, applied mathematicians are cross-disciplinary, making them adaptable to emerging new industries and technologies.







B.Sc Honours in Applied Mathematics



1. Teacher at High School
2. Teaching Assistant at University
3. Production Planner
4. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
5. Data Analyst
6. Trainee Insurance Underwriter
7. Research Officer
8. Statistician
9. Business Analyst
10. Risk Analyst




M.Sc in Applied Mathematical Modelling


1. Lecturer at University
2. Research Fellow
3. Data Manager
4. Database Administrator
5. Market Research Analyst
6. Financial Analyst
7. Investment Analyst
8. Derivatives Trader
9. Data Mining Scientist
10. Modelling Consultant


Modelling of Biomedical Systems Research Group (MBSRG)
The group uses mathematical modelling techniques to, identify, isolate and understand the factors governing the transmission and persistence of an infection.  The models are used to project the incidence, prevalence and spatial distribution of the infection. Possible interventions such as quarantine, mass vaccination, educational campaigns, treatment and drug efficacy and safety are built into the models. The group is then able to evaluate the efficacy and cost effectiveness of public health intervention strategies and advise public health officials on optimal resource allocation. Mathematical modelling is an inexpensive, quick way of resolving a physical/biological problem by expressing it in mathematical language and then using mathematical tools to analyse the problem before reverting the solution back to the physical problem. In this regard, great potential exists for the employment of mathematical models to plan and evaluate intervention programs.


Research Activities
The Deparment is involved in the following research activities:

  • PharmacometricsPharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic modeling;
  • Disease Modelling;
  • Genetic Control Mechanisms;
  • Ecological Modelling;
  • Financial Modelling
  • Climate Change Modelling;
  • Time Series Modelling and Forecasting;
  • Numerical Methods;
  • Cost effectiveness analysis in Modelling.

The Department also offers courses in the following Mathematical and Statistical packages for Data analysis:

  • R,
  • SPSS,
  • EVIEWS. 


Community Engagement

  • MATMA (The Matabeleland Mathematics Association) which was formed with the aim to improve the pass rate of Mathematics at all levels in the Matabeleland region is still being facilitated by staff in the Department of Applied Mathematics.
  • NUSTSEC (National University of Science and Technology school enrichment centre) which caters for those students who can afford lessons for a minimum fee is being facilitated by the Department of Applied Mathematics.
  • NUSTSEP(National University of Science and Technology school enrichment programme) programme which caters for underprivileged students from Bulawayo Province, Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South and the Midlands is facilitated by the Department. This is a partnership between the National University of Science and Technology; and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. The students are taught Mathematics and Science subjects at ‘O’ Level and Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at ‘A’ Level using the Activity based methodology.

Our Degree Programmes

BSc Hons Applied Mathematics

The programme of the BSc Honours in Applied Mathematics includes different types of courses: core courses, elective courses, supporting...

MSc Applied Mathematical Modelling

The master of science in mathematical modelling offers advanced courses in applied mathematics that prepare students for...

MPhil Applied Mathematics

This is a research-based degree programme whose topic and content is determined by the student and the chosen supervisor...

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics

This is a research-based degree programme whose topic and content is determined by the...

Departmental Staff

Dr. Sarudzai Showa
Dr. Sarudzai ShowaSenior Lecturer
Dr. Farikayi Mutasa
Dr. Farikayi MutasaLecturer
Mr. Simbarashe Chipindirwi
Mr. Simbarashe ChipindirwiLecturer
Dr. Mlamuli Dhlamini
Dr. Mlamuli DhlaminiSenior Lecturer
Ms. Esnat  Mvuto
Ms. Esnat MvutoSecretary
Dr. Tinashe B. Gashirai
Dr. Tinashe B. GashiraiSenior Lecturer
Mr. Peter Chiguvare
Mr. Peter Chiguvare Senior Technician
Ms. Nomatter Chiduku
Ms. Nomatter ChidukuLecturer
Mr. Nimrode Moyo
Mr. Nimrode MoyoLecturer
Mrs. Martina Mthombeni (nee Sithole)
Mrs. Martina Mthombeni (nee Sithole)Lecturer
Mr. Thabani Gwebu
Mr. Thabani GwebuLecturer
Mr. Taurai Mademutsa
Mr. Taurai MademutsaLecturer