Mr. Walter D. Magagula

Mr. Walter D. Magagula

Senior Assistant Registrar - Faculty Office

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Masters In Disaster Management (UFS, 2009); Advanced Diploma In Disaster Management (UFS, 2008); Diploma In Development And Disaster Management (NUST, 2006); Bachelor Of Education - Administration/Policy Making (UZ, 2004) ; Secondary School Teachers Certificate (GTC, 1981)


Resident Department: Registrar's Office


Mr. Walter Daniel Magagula is a Senior Assistant Registrar in the Faculty of Applied Sciences, having joined NUST in January 2010. Duties of the SAR include, but are not limited to, provision of technical support to the Faculty's operational activities. The SAR is the custodian of policies and regulations; counsel and advise the Faculty on administrative matters; and interprets and enforces policies and regulations of the University. Prior to joining NUST, Mr Magagula held the post of College Principal at Methodist Vocational and Youth Training Centre, Bulawayo (1986-2009). He has got some experience working with the Youth in Education and Vocational/Technical Skills Training in Bulawayo/Hwange District. Mr. Magagula also worked as Teacher at Northlea High School (1982-1986) and was a part-time lecturer at Bulawayo polytechnic (1982-1985).

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