Ms. Anna Daniel

Ms. Anna Daniel

Administrative Assistant - Faculty

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MBA (NUST, 2013); BComm (Hons) management; Diploma ICSA (2008); Cert in Administration (Pitman, 1995); Postgrad Dip in Management (NUST, 2009)




Ms. Anna Daniel is the Administrative Assistant in the Faculty of Applied Sciences (2008-to date) and occasionally acts as the Senior Assistant Registrar in the absence of some Assistant Registrars in the Registrar's Department. Ms. Daniels has also held the post of Personal Assistant to the Registrar (1999-2008). Prior to that, she was the Chief Secretary in the same department (1998-1999). She was Senior Clerk Telephonist (1992-1994) before acting as the Senior Secretary in the Registrar's department (1994-1996). She was the confirmed as the department Senior Secretary in 1996 until 1998.


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