Mrs. Madeline Sibula

Mrs. Madeline Sibula

Research Fellow - Applied Biology & Biochemistry

Total: 0 Lesson(s)


Office: LAB 5


MSc. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (NUST); BSc (Hons) Applied Biology and Biochemistry (NUST)

Molecular characterization of water borne trematodes (in domestic and wild animals) in Matebeleland; Morphological and Molecular characterization of tick and babesia spp in Zimbabwe;Drug resistance in anophelines and plasmodium variants in Zimbabwe; Molecular characterization of Mopane worms and trees in Zimbabwe.


Publications by Mrs. Madeline Sibula

Sibula., Z. Dhlamini and S. Dube. 2014. Molecular characterization of paramphistome isolates from cattle from matebeleland using RAPDs. Advances in Bioresearch. 

S.Dube., Z. Dhlamini and M.Sibula. 2015. Molecular analysis of some paramphistome isolates from Southern Africa. Journal of Helminthology.

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