Mr. Farikayi Mutasa

Mr. Farikayi Mutasa

Chairperson, Lecturer - Applied Mathematics

Total: 0 Lesson(s)


Office: 123

Extension: 2467


MSc in Industrial Mathematics (NUST), BSc Honours in Applied Mathematics (NUST), Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (NUST)

Disease Modelling, Forecasting, Operations Research


Publications by Mr. Farikayi K. Mutasa

K Mutasa, Z. Mukandavire, S. D. Hove-Musekwa, S. Dube and J.M. Tchuenche, Mathematical analysis of a cholera model with carriers and assessing the effects of treatment, Book Chapter in Mathematical Biology Research trends, Editor: Lachlan B. Wilson, pp. 1-37, Nova publishers (Accepted 2007).

Edward T. Chiyaka, Tazvitya Muyendesi, Philimon Nyamugure, Farikayi K. Mutasa, Theoretical Assessment of the Transmission Dynamics of Leprosy, (, (Accepted 2013).

Philimon Nyamugure, Siphosenkosi Dube Swene, Edward T. Chiyaka, Farikayi K. Mutasa Train Schedule Optimization: A Case Study of the National Railways of Zimbabwe, International Journal of Management Sciences, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2014, 1-20 (Accepted 2014).

S Mutendadzamera, Farikayi K. Mutasa,  Forecasting stock prices on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) using Arima and Arch/Garch models,  International Journal of Management Sciences, Vol. 3, No. 6, 2014, 419-432, (Accepted 2014).

Owen Jakata,  Farikayi K. Mutasa, An Analysis of Bank Efficiency and Stock Prices Using Data Envelopment and Stochastic Frontier Analysis Models, International Journal of Management Sciences, Vol. 3, No. 4, 2014, 280-292, (Accepted 2014).

Philimon Nyamugure, David C. Zvipore , Edward T. Chiyaka, Farikayi K. Mutasa, Maseka Lesaoana,  A Dynamic ProgrammingOperations Management Algorithim in a Tile Manufacturing Industry: Case Study of a Tile Company, International Journal of Scientific and Innovative Mathematical Research (IJSIMR), Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2014, PP 389-398 ISSN 2347-307X (Print) & ISSN 2347-3142 (Online).

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