Mr. Aleck Maunganidze

Mr. Aleck Maunganidze

Chief Technician - Applied Biology & Biochemistry

Total: 0 Lesson(s)


Office: SW157

Extension: 2515


BSc Public Health(NUST); National Diploma Biological Technology (Harare Polytechnic); National Certificate Science Technology (Harare Polytechnic); Short Courses attended: Advanced Molecular Biology (UZ), Essential Advanced PCR (South Africa), Essential DNA Sequencing (South Africa), Internal Auditing of ISO 9000 Quality Systems (Sharp Point Consultant), Testing and Calibrating Laboratory Competence Auditing ISO17025 and 9001, Forensic DNA (AIBYST), Microscope use and Maintenance (UZ)
Current Studies: MPhil. Biotechnology (NUST)

Metagenomics, Molecular genetics, Plant tissue culture, Forensic DNA and Microbiology.



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