Dr. Hilda Nyati

Dr. Hilda Nyati

Senior Lecturer - Applied Biology & Biochemistry

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Website: http://www.example.com

Office: SW155

Extension: 2458

Email: hilda.nyathi@nust.ac.zw

EMBA (NUST), PGDHE (NUST), PGDE (ZOU), PhD Food Microbiology (RMIT), MSc Food Biotech (Wageningen), BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences (UZ)

Characterization of food-borne pathogens - Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter jejuni, Escherichia coli O157

Publications by Dr. Hilda Nyati

Nyati, H.,  Heuvelink, A.,  Van Heerwaarden, C.,  Zwartkruis, A.    2012.  Evaluation of  test-kits for the detection of   Escherichia coli  O157  in raw meats and cattle faeces.     International  Journal of  Food Studies.  1.2, 126-134.

Nyati, H.,  Beumer, R.,  Van der Veen, S.,   Hazeleger, W.,  Abee, T.   2012.  Influence  of  organic material and  biofilms on disinfectant efficacy against  Listeria   monocytogenes.     International  Journal of  Food Studies.     1.1, 77- 85.

Oyarzabal, O., Oscar, T., Speegle, L andNyati, H. 2010. Survival ofCampylobacter  jejuniand Campylobacter coli in retail broiler meat storedat-20, 4or 12oC,and developmentofWeibull models for survival.Journal of Food Protection.73.8, 1438-1446 (9).

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Todorov, S.,  Nyati, H.  and Dicks, LMT.  2007.  Partial characterization of   bacteriocin AMA-K,  produced  by Lactobacillus  plantarum  AMA-K  isolated  from naturally fermented milk in  Zimbabwe.  Food Control.  18.6, 656 – 664.

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