Tsitsi Zengeya


Tsitsi Zengeya


Qualifications: MSc Computer Science

Deep Learning, Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Ontologies


  • Tsitsi Zengeya, Paul Sambo and Nyasha Mabika. The adoption of the Internet of Things for Smart Agriculture in Zimbabwe. Journal of
    Computer Science & Information Technology (CS & IT).DOI: 10.5121/csit. 2021.111208.
  • Gilford Hapanyengwi, Paul Sambo, and Tsitsi Zengeya. The adoption of E-learning by Students in Zimbabwean universities in the wake of Covid-19. Journal of Electronic & Information Systems. DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/jeisr.v3i2.3722.
  • Tsitsi Zengeya, Paul Sambo and Nyasha Mabika. Trust in the adoption of internet of Things for Smart Agriculture in developing countries. International Journal of Distributed and Parallel Systems (IJDPS).

Workshops and Conferences:

  • 21-22 August 2021 The adoption of the Internet of Things for Smart Agriculture in Zimbabwe. Paper presented at the 5th International Conference on Networks and Communications (NET 2021). A virtual Conference. Chennai, India.

  • 29-23 July 2021 A model for adopting Intelligent Process Automation for HEI in the wake of covid-19. Paper presented at the Virtual International Conference on COVID-19 held under the theme: Unpacking the Science, Economics and Politics of COVID-19. Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo, Zimbabwe.