Mr. Bothwell Nyoni

Mr. Bothwell Nyoni

Lecturer - Applied Chemistry

Office: SD68

Extension: 2445


MEng (NWU, SA), BEng (NUST, Zimbabwe)
Current Studies: PhD Chemistry, NMMU, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Renewable Energy; Process Simulation; Water treatment technologies


Publications by Mr. Bothwell Nyoni

Bothwell Nyoni, Bongibethu M. Hlabano-Moyo & Clive Chimwe (2016) Using a simulation software to perform energy and exergy analyses of the sulfur-iodine thermochemical process, International Journal of Modelling, Simulation and Scientific Computing

Donatus Dube, Champaklal T. Parekh, Bothwell Nyoni (2016) Removal of Chromium and Nickel from electroplating wastewater using magnetite particulate adsorbent;(1) Effect of pH, contact time and dosage, (2) Adsorption isotherms and kinetics, Modern Applied Science

Andrew Phiri, Bothwell Nyoni (2016) Re-visiting the electricity-growth nexus in South Africa, Studies in Business Economics.

Andrew Phiri, Bothwell Nyoni (2014) The electricity-growth nexus in South Africa: Evidence from asymmetric co-integration and co-feature analysis, Munich Personl RePEc Archiv