Dr. Audacity Maringa

Dr. Audacity Maringa

Lecturer - Applied Chemistry

Office: SD 68

Extension: 2445

Email: audacity.maringa@nust.ac.zw

PhD Chemistry (Rhodes University, SA); MSc in Chemistry (University of the Witwatersrand, SA); BSc (Hons) Applied Chemistry NUST, Zimbabwe

Electrochemistry with emphasis on electrode modification and electrocatalysis and; Environmental monitoring, industrial quality control and biomedical analysis using electroanalytical techniques or just analytical techniques.


Publications by Dr. Audacity Maringa

Damien Quinton, Audacity Maringa, Sophie Griveau, Tebello Nyokong and Fethi Bedioui, Surface patterning using scanning electrochemical microscopy to trigger a “click” chemistry reaction. Electrochem. Commun. 31 (2013) 112-115.

Audacity Maringa, Tawanda Mugadza, Edith Antunes and Tebello Nyokong, Characterization and electrocatalytic behaviour of glassy carbon electrode modified with nickel nanoparticles towards amitrole detection, J. Electroanal.Chem. 700 (2013) 86-92.

Audacity Maringa, Edith Antunes and Tebello Nyokong, Electrochemical behaviour of gold nanoparticles and Co tetraaminophthalocyanine on glassy carbon electrode, Electrochim. Acta. 121 (2014) 93-101.

Audacity Maringa and Tebello Nyokong, Behaviour of palladium nanoparticles in the absence or presence of Co tetraaminopthalocyanine, Electroanalysis. 26 (2014) 1068-1077.

Audacity Maringa and Tebello Nyokong, The influence of gold nanoparticles on the electroactivity of Ni tetrasulfonated phthalocyanine, J. Porphyrins Phthalocyanines 18 (2014) 1-10.

Audacity Maringa, Philani Mashazi and Tebello Nyokong, Characterization of electrodes modified by electro-click reaction and axial ligation of iron tetracarboxyphthalocyanine: comparison of one pot click with step by step, Electrochim. Acta 145 (2014) 237-244.

Audacity Maringa, Philani Mashazi and Tebello Nyokong, Electrocatalytic activity of bimetallic Au-Pd nanoparticles in the presence of cobalt tetraaminophthalocyanine, J. Colloids Interfacial Sci. 440 (2015) 151-161.