Monday - Friday ( 8.00 - 16.30 )

Student Support System

Each student will have access to the Dean of Students for problems that arise. In addition the student will have a lecturer who will act as a mentor/counselor.  The role of the lecturer is to assist the student if problems arise.  At the Faculty level there is a Proctor.  The duties and the responsibilities of a Faculty Proctor shall be as delegated to him/her by the Vice-Chancellor as spelt out in Ordinance 30.    

Please refer to the NUST Year Book (Ordinance 30 p87-89, 95-96, 109-112,117-118) for the following:

  • Ethical norms
  • Professional behavior
  • Disciplinary procedure for unprofessional behavior
  • Student withdrawal.

Living in residence
The Section is under the domain of the Student Affairs Department.


  • The on-campus library is situated at Mpilo Central Hospital along Vera Road, Mzilikazi, Bulawayo.
  • The Main Library is situated at 114 Fort Street, between 9th/10th Avenue, Bulawayo.
  • Library e-mail: