Master of Science in Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management
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This is an 18 MONTHS full time or 36 MONTHS part time Degree Progamme.


To be admitted to the MSc in Construction Project Management degree programme, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least successfully completed an undergraduate degree in the following disciplines: Quantity Surveying, Architecture, Rural and Urban Planning, Building Economics, Civil Engineering and Property Management. Other programmes offered in the built environment shall be considered on individual merits.
  • A minimum overall pass of lower second class (2.2)
  • Additional qualifications and work experience may be an added advantage.
  • In special circumstances, the Department reserves the right to carry selection interviews. 


  1. This is a full time/part-time programme. 
  2. The programme shall extend over a period of 18 months for full time and 36 months for part-time. 
  3. When feasible the programme can be run on block release. 
  4. For full time, the first 12 months shall be devoted to taught component of the programme and shall   be divided into two semesters. The last 6 months will be devoted to the writing of a supervised   dissertation. 
  5. For part-time, the first 24 months shall be devoted to taught component of the programme and shall be divided into three semesters. The last 12 months will be devoted to the writing of the dissertation. 
  6. Students must take 2 electives which they are expected to pass in the first year of  the programme   for full-time and fifth year for part-time.


  1. Formal examination will be conducted at the end of each semester for all courses with the  exception of dissertation and integrative studies.
  2. Candidates will be required to pass all the courses as indicated in the programme.
  3. Each candidate will be required to write a one three-hour paper in each of the courses for which  he/she registered in addition to the dissertation.
  4. Each course, as well as the dissertation shall be marked out of one hundred percent.
  5. Each course as well as dissertation where applicable shall have its assessment mark for presentation to the Board of Examiners’ meeting.
  6. In certain courses such as dissertation, oral examination may be conducted by Departmental panel of examinations
  7. Each candidate will be required to satisfy the examiners in the following areas: 
  • Continuous assessment component 30%
  • Written examination 70%

  1.  For dissertation, a resubmission period of three months will normally be required unless where major changes are considered necessary.
  2. Supplementary examinations will be allowed in accordance with the provisions of the University.
  3. The University marking scheme shall apply in all examinable courses as follows:
  • Distinction     70 – 100 %              
  • Merit   60 – 69 %                
  • Pass   50 – 59 %                
  • Fail     0 – 49 %      
  1. The pass mark will be 50 %. In the event of a candidate failing, the following conditions have to be noted: a candidate who fails more that twenty-five percent of all courses registered at the end of the  second semester for full time or fifth semester for part-time will be advised to discontinue from the  programme.
  2. Supplementary examinations will be allowed for candidates who score between 40 and 49%
  3. A candidate who fails one or two courses may repeat the failed courses in the following year and may proceed to work on his/her dissertation at the discretion of the Departmental Board of  Examiners.
  4.  On completion of the dissertation, a candidate will be required to submit two typed and spiral bound copies of the dissertation for assessment.
  5.  A candidate must pass all taught courses and the dissertation to qualify for the award  of the MSc degree. 

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