Faculty of Science & Technology Education


Prof. Lwazi Sibanda - Dean of Faculty

Science & Technology Education

The Faculty of Science and Technology Education seeks to offer world-class programmes in identified areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and design education. The faculty aims to prepare quality practitioners, educators and professionals for the secondary and post-secondary school education sector, suitable for serving in a wide variety of environments for teaching, training and skills development. The masters and doctoral programmes offered in the faculty will prepare technologically-inclined senior professionals for leadership in raising the level of scientific and technological appreciation among the general populace.

The Faculty of Science and Technology Education aims to become an internationally renowned centre for the search and implementation of progressive theory and practice of teaching, learning, effective training and skills development in science and technology advancement through enhancing the professionalism of practitioners at all levels of the education system in Zimbabwe.

To facilitate the advancement of science, technology and entrepreneurial knowledge through relevant university education and training of personnel involved in the teaching of career-focussed students to meet challenges created by changing situations and environments in the current global economy.

  • To develop and deliver a broad-based and relevant curriculum for lecturers, trainers, and teachers in science, technical and commercial subjects.
  • To increase awareness and appreciation of science, technical and vocational subjects in male and female students.
  • To improve pedagogical expertise in both professional skills of subject content delivery and the conception of science/technical/vocational education and training.
  • To encourage training personnel to cherish progressive values such as quality, professionalism, accountability, respect, honesty, loyalty and trust.
  • To provide appropriate enrichment in technical subject areas which recognises indigenous, national and global developmental trends in science and technology.
  • To encourage lecturers and trainers to develop their own creative abilities, and to promote the same in their students and trainees.
  • To engage in research aimed at the solution of past, present and future problems, as well as in the generation and adoption of new ideas and objects for the improvement of teaching and training of science and technical subjects.