National University of Science & Technology

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  1. Tuition Fees Per Semester

The approved schedule of the 2012-2013 Academic fees are reflected below.

Under Graduate Fees                                                                              

 Conventional Programmes                                                                          US$


Faculty of Commerce  425
 Faculty of Communication & Information Science  465
 Faculty of Applied Science  525
 Faculty of the Built Environment  525
 Faculty of Industrial Technology  525
 Faculty of Medicine  450

  Parallel Programmes  

 Faculty of Commerce  525
 Faculty of Communication & Information Science  565
 Faculty of Applied Science  625
 Faculty of the Built Environment  625
  Faculty of Industrial Technology  625

 Tuition Fees charged to students are used to supplement Government Grant. The money is used to meet the cost of producing graduates.

The University also incurs operational costs in the form of teaching materials such as toner for printing, bond paper, markers, chalk, transport costs, cleaning material, toiletries, insurance for student, electricity, and water bills, subscriptions journals e.t.c.

2.  Fees for International Students

   2.1 Any students of the University who is not resident in Zimbabwe or whose parents or legal guardians are not resident in Zimbabwe at the date of registration shall be charged an academic fee for the programme for which he/she is registered in US currency.

The current charges per semester, which are not currently expected to change are as follows :-


 Undergraduates (SADC)  US$ 2 550
 Undergraduates (NON SADC)  US$ 5 050
 Postgraduates (SADC)  US$ 3 050
 Postgraduates (NON SADC)  US$ 5 050
 Registration Fees  US$ 120
 Application Fees  US$ 120

      2.2  Persons who are resident in Zimbabwe solely for the purpose of attending the University shall not be regarded as being residents in Zimbabwe.

     2.3  Persons who are employees of a foreign embassy in Zimbabwe and the dependents of such  persons shall be regarded as non-resident for the purpose of determining the fees to be paid by such persons for courses undertaken at the University.

3.   Date of Operation

 This schedule is in affect for the 2011-2012 academic year and shall remain in force until otherwise varied by a fees ordinance of the National University of Science and Technology