Students Representative Council 2019-2020

Innocent Takudzwa Dombo - President

Lisa Marvalous Muronde - Vice President

Joseph Chuny Makuei Maker - Secretary General

Christopher Reward Mupinga - Treasurer General

Mthulisi Nyathi - Minister of Resident and Non Resident Students

Fadzai Sharon Ziyambe - Minister of Sports and Recreation

Miriro Mudiwa - Minister of Sports and Recreation

Lorna Tinotenda Mabambe - Minister of Clubs and Societies

Robert Selemani - Minister of Clubs and Societies

Peter Tanya Majengwa Jnr - Minister of Entertainment

Tinotenda Chakamanga - Minister of Entertainment

Tapfuma Muganiwa - Minister of Academic Affairs

Ethel Rose Mandiopera - Minister of Food, Health and Social Welfare

Muziwenkosi Sigidi Moyo - Minister of Information and Publicity

Caileb Proud Ncube - Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs

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