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Mr Fidelis Mhlanga

Mr Fidelis Mhlanga sits in the Office of The Registrar at National University of Science and Technology

Responsible to:

  • The Vice-Chancellor
  • The Pro-Vice-Chancellor
  • Appropriate Committees: Council, Executive Committee, Senate, Committees of Council and Senate
Liaison with : All sections and members of the University
  • The Registrar is the chief professional (non-financial) administration officer of the University.
  • To lead and co-ordinate the University Administration and develop policy and organisational systems.
  • To ensure the effective operation and management of the following divisions of the University, by the establishment of policy and thereafter, so far as possible, managing by exception through the appropriate second-tier administrative officers: Academic Affairs,Personnel ,Central Services, Accommodation and Catering Services,Works ,Student Affairs, Faculty Administration
  • To serve in an advisory role in respect of the whole range of the University’s activities to the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, the Chairman of Council, Chairman of University Committees and to the University’s senior committees.
In addition to the above general management role, the Registrar’s direct administrative responsibilities include:
  • Secretaryship of the University Council and its Executive Committee and general administration of Council activities.
  • Attending to Legal Affairs
  • Negotiation and liaison with Government Ministries and external aid organisations, in respect of all matters and representation of the University to Ministries and other organisations.
  • Salary and conditions of service reviews.
  • Negotiations and contact with employee associations.
  • Negotiations and contact with the student body in general and the elected officers of the Students’ Union in particular.
  • Involvement in the preparation and submission of project proposals for new developments.
  • Administration of the whole range of the University’s staff development programmes including, in particular, the administrative staff development programme.
  • Control of the University Seal.

Deputy Registrars

Ms Vivian Rhoda Dube has worked in the Registrar’s Department at NUST for 10 years.  She joined the University as a Senior Assistant Registrar in the Faculty of Industrial Technology in 2003.  She was appointed to Deputy Registrar Administration in 2009, a post she had acted in at its creation in 2006.

In her current position as Deputy Registrar Administration, Ms Dube is responsible for the supervision of Non Academic Departments for the implementation of administrative policies.  She is responsible for the Departments of Human Resources, Central Services, and aspects of Physical Planning, Works and Estates and has oversight of the Campus Security.

Ms Dube also has the role of Chairing and Servicing Committees and Working Parties.  The main Committees being Salaries and Conditions of Service, Works Council, Staff Disciplinary and Central Services Tenders Committees

Mr Emmanuel Phiri is the Deputy Registrar for Academic Affairs, a position assumed on the 1st of July 2013. He has been with the University since 2002 having joined NUST as a Senior Administrative Assistant in the Examinations office.

In 2004 he was appointed the inaugural Administrator in the Faculty of Communication and Information Science. In 2006 he was appointed Senior Assistant Registrar in the Registrar‘s Department, Central Services Section.

He is responsible to the Registrar, Academic Board and Senate. The Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor have access to him. He is responsible for the general academic matters in the University. Accordingly, he liases with all sections of the University on academic matters. Specifically, he supervises the Admissions and Student Records Office as well as the Examinations Office.

 Briefly, his duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • The organisation, management and coordination of academic administration of the University.
  • The determination of internal policy in matters related to the Academic Registry.
  • Attendance at various University committees.
  • Secretary to the Senate.
  • Briefing and advising the Registrar, Pro- Vice-chancellor and Chancellor on activities and issues in the office.
  • Deputizing for the Registrar during his absence when called upon.

Department Personnel

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