Conduct of students during examinations

Dear Students 

NUST has developed some regulations to guide students as we prepare to write examinations during the Covid-19 period. The guidelines are to ensure safety of staff and students. We therefore call upon all students to abide by the following regulations to ensure successful writing of examinations. 

Entry into the Examination venue

All students entering the examination venue must be hand sanitised and temperature checked before entering the Examination Venue. Wearing of masks correctly is mandatory and any student without a mask will be denied entry into the Examination Venue. Observance of social distancing at all times is mandatory. Grouping of candidates outside the examination venue without observance of social distancing will not be allowed. Candidates who do not comply may face disciplinary action. In accordance with the revised Examinations Regulations for Candidates, a candidate will not normally be admitted into the Examination Venue 30 minutes after the start of an Examination and such lateness may disqualify him/her altogether, according to the revised Examination Regulations available on 

Distribution of Question Papers

Before distribution of Question Papers, invigilators are required to sanitise their hands while wearing a mask. 

Collection of attendance Slips and Scripts

A collection box for the attendance slips will be provided. Candidates will be required to drop their attendance slips into the provided box as the Invigilator moves around collecting the slips. Another box for dropping in the examination script at the end of the examination will be provided. Thus an Invigilator will not go around the examination venue to collect the scripts but students will take their scripts to the Invigilator according to their sitting arrangement. Signing of the attendance register will be done in conjunction with the submission of scripts. The process will entail a candidate signing the attendance register after dropping the script into the box. 

All these measures are meant to curb the spread of COVID-19 virus while ensuring that examinations are conducted successfully. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that sanitising hands means that hand sanitiser should be applied to the hands spread over palms and fingers for 20 seconds from the wrist down while wearing a mask means the mask should cover both face and mouth completely. 

Mr E Phiri

Deputy Registrar – Academic

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