Partaking in community projects ...

“Partaking in community projects, a fruitful exercise……” says NUST lecturer

A National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Architecture lecturer, Ms. Mable Mudombo says that partaking in community building projects such as the Madangombe project has not only been a fruitful exercise for the communities but it has been mutually beneficial for them as well. 

The Madangombe school building project began in 2014 with a focus   on improving the infrastructure and building conditions for children at the primary school.

“We engaged our students who learnt how actual construction is done and they gained hands-on experience and got a little dirty. Projects such as the Madangombe project also exposed the students to putting theory into practice, “ she said.

Ms. Mudombo   added that in partaking in such community projects has also resulted in the Department and students   developing and using compressed stabilized earth bricks, that is, bricks that are made from dampened soil and cement which makes them cost effective. 

The Madangombe project is a collaborative building project where NUST through the Department of Architecture, Studio Mada and Chivi Foundation have built three blocks of classrooms with two classes each for Early Childhood Development (ECD)  children. 

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