The Academic Board at its 324th Meeting held on 7 October 2019, approved the Amendment of Examination Regulations for Candidates.  Your attention is drawn to Regulation 3.6 which reads:

“A Candidate will not normally be admitted into the Examination Venue after the start of an Examination and such lateness may disqualify him/her altogether.  Any Candidate who arrives late must explain the reasons for his/her lateness to the Chief Invigilator and may start the Examination only with the approval of the Chief Invigilator.”

The effect of this amendment is that the 30 minutes late coming allowance has been removed and therefore, Candidates should be seated 15 minutes before the start of an Examination.  No candidate will be allowed into the Examination Venue once an Examination has commenced.

E Phiri

Deputy Registrar – Academic

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