The University Management is aware of the delay in the commencement of Parallel Programme Lectures due to reasons that are urgently being attended to. Students are requested to take note of the following;

Publication of Examination Results

The Parallel Programme Examination Results are now being published and Faculties are at different stages of processing the Results. Publication of these Results should pave way for the Student Registration process.

Registration Deadline

Students are advised that new registration deadline dates would be published as soon as all the Examination Results have been published. Therefore, the Late Registration fee would be effected in accordance with the new registration deadline dates. Those that have already been charged the Late Registration fee should approach the Student Accounts Section for a reversal of the charge.

Parallel Programme Lectures

Students in the Parallel programme will be notified of the precise date the lectures are expected to commence. Currently, the University Management is engaging the Teaching Staff Association with a view of finding a solution to the problem. Finalisation of the agreement to commence lectures is expected to be done by Friday 14 February, 2020. Students are requested to bear with Management as it deals with this matter. 



F Mhlanga


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