NUST receives equipment from Ministry

Yesterday the National University of Science and Technology took delivery of machining, fabrication and food processing equipment that was handed over by the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community and Medium Enterprises following a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two institutions. The equipment was donated by the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India for the “Upgrading of India-Zimbabwe [Indo-Zim] Technology Centers” in Zimbabwe.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Innovation and Business Development, Dr.GatshaMazithulela said the institution is grateful for the collaborative relationship it now has with the Ministry as the equipment will help students in acquiring practical skills during the course of their studies. It will also promote the development of Small and Medium Enterprises [SMEs] as well as the economic empowerment of communities, particularly youth and women.

“This equipment will assist students and community at large to gain experience in the right environment for quality whilst reducing importing bills for the university.” Said Dr.Mazithulela. He also added that: “Rather than struggling to produce something for a day or two, the machines will help produce something in a few minutes.”

Chairperson of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Dr .Eng. Nicholas Tayisepi also said that the equipment will not only benefit Engineering students only but will cut across all the faculties in the University.

Food processing equipment is used to handle, prepare, cook, store and package food and food products while some pieces of the equipment are employed to perform preliminary functions, such as handling preparation and packaging. Fabrication machinery is used to create other machines, car parts and structures from various raw materials.

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