The National University of Science and Technology’s Faculty of Communication and Information Science is set to launch its Journal, Southern African Journal of Communication and Information Science (SAJCIS), which aims at influencing policy and practice in the field of communication.

Editor-in-Chief of SAJCIS, Dr Peterson Dhewa said the journal will provide an in-depth coverage of current developments in the management, provision and dissemination of information in Southern Africa.

Dr Dhewa also said the faculty created the journal so as to generate knowledge and encourage staff members and students to publish their research papers and dissertation.

The journal covers Faculty’s departments of Journalism and Media Studies, Records and Archives Management, Library and Information Science and Publishing Studies.

Dr Dhewa said the journal will have an impact to NUST as an institution in that it will provide increased visibility and improve its world university ranking.

He also said SAJCIS will cover key thematic areas such as Information processing and Management, Knowledge Management and Economy, Television and Film Studies, Media and Identity politics (gender, nationalism, youth subcultures), Information seeking behaviors, Bibliographic control and service, Meta data and structured vocabularies, The production, distribution and consumption of media texts just to name a few.

The SAJCIS is at the phase of receiving manuscripts for publication and it is the going to be the second journal publisher for NUST following Zimbabwe Journal of Science and Technology (ZJST). 

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