More Females encouraged to join the actuarial industry.

A former National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Fungai Masango speaking at an Old Mutual public lecture at NUST yesterday, said the actuarial industry could do with more females.

Addressing attendees, she said the females were not to be phased by the industry because it was generally assumed that it is a male industry. 

Masango in her speech titled ‘the road to being a successful actuary’ said, “In order for  one to be a successful actuary one had to have a passion for mathematics”. 

“Mathematics is not a girl thing. People assume that if you don’t have a passion for mathematics then you cannot be an actuary especially if you are a female,” she said. 

In her speech, Masango emphasized the need to have mentors as she worked under the guise of Marjorie Ngwenya who is the first female actuary in Zimbabwe.

She is the first non-British person to be appointed as the president elect of the UK’s Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

Speaking at the same public lecture, the Head of Old Mutual Bulawayo Mrs Vera said that women are capable of being successful actuaries and are able to empower each other. 

“Women can innovate and change take the industry by storm and change how they are perceived,” she said as she gave her closing remarks. 

In a bid to promote gender equality, NUST also encourages women to strive in their different disciplines. 

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