The Core TeleInfrastructure Global Capsule takes off at NUST

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Honourable Professor Amon Murwira on Thursday launched Core TeleInfrastructure Global Capsule NUST division (CGC NUST, Zimbabwe) at the National University of Science and Technology.

CGC NUST, a first of its kind in Africa, is a division that aims to spread global research network into the continent.

Hon. Murwira said the launch of the research network was in line with Government’s vision to improve research and innovation among state universities. 

“Research and innovation grounded on a correct educational design and philosophy is a critical component of an education system”, he said. 

CGC NUST is also expected to contribute to innovation initiatives at NUST as the host institution. 

“The government of Zimbabwe is in full support of this initiative by universities to modernise and industrialise the economy. In that regard the government is fully funding the construction of innovation hubs, currently at six state universities”, said Hon Minister Murwira. 

He also urged NUST to come up with business models that will help industrialise the country.

Another speaker, president of the CTiF Global Capsule, Professor Ramjee Prasad, said that the CGC NUST division will offer to all researchers and innovators platform to grow.

“The division will give ample opportunity, to do research, publications and also opportunities for researchers and innovators to come up with start-up companies,” said Prof Prasad.   

Through its research activities, the division will undertake inter-disciplinarily research, run educational and non-profit activities to come up with solutions for problems facing Africa.  

The division will be at the forefront of developing technological solutions in the areas of energy, environment, and human health by leveraging the capabilities of wireless communications and information communication technologies for the continent. 

The CGC NUST division is expected to grow through synergies between faculties, students, businesses and industry.  

The division’s research groups bring together a network of researchers with vast knowledge and skills from various disciplines to develop solutions for the Zimbabwe and the continent at large.  

CGC Association has its historical and scientific background with the CTIF (Center for TeleInfrastructure) Global research activities, founded in Aalborg (Denmark) on January 29, 2004. 

Since 2015, CGC  has continued the journey to become the world leader in fifth generation technology, multi-business modelling, and entrepreneurship research. 

CGC has played a key role in serving the communication requirements of the global society through its capacity to carry out research requirement across-/inter-disciplinary approach.

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