Chaplaincy Day of Prayer on Campus

From:  Pastor Tomson Dube                                                             

Date: 25th April 2019   University Chaplain                                                 

Extn: 2819

To:      All Students 

Subject: Breaking Examination Anxiety, Depression & Fear                                                 

Dear All,        

Our esteemed Higher Institute of Education (HEI) NUST has in the past lost precious lives especially towards examinations due to anxiety, depression and fear. This must stop now! Our God has provided His Power but there must be someone to receive God's gift and that person is You.  As we are about to embark on examinations in a few weeks, I have declared the 3rd of May 2019 a day of prayer for our university.  Friday the 3rd of May which will be three days before the first examinations will be our consecrated day of prayer. 

Diarise the day and Plan to attend the whole meeting where possible. Every lack in your life whether of fees and any form of emotional intimidation against you shall be broken on this day by the authority of the power of the name of Jesus Christ. Our HEI should be free of suicides, depression, and fear. 




12:30hrs - 14:30hrs


NUST Ceremonial Hall 


Your NUST Chaplain & An Invited Guest Speaker (Servant Bothwell Phiri)


Power and Authority over Negative Spirits 

This is Your Time, Your season to Succeed is Here and Now!  Your Life will never be the same again.

Our theme scripture is *Psalm 122: [1] I WAS glad when they said to me, Let us go to the house of the Lord! [Isa. 2:3; Zech. 8:21.].  This advert was initially inserted by the NUST Chaplain, in some On-Campus WhatsApp groups 20.04.19. 


Sincerely Yours  

Pastor Tomson Dube

University Chaplain

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