Cyclone Idai Update

The NUST Cyclone Idai Response team returned home from their assessment visit, but will be going back as their services are still required. For the first visit, the team specifically went to Ngangu, Silverstream, Skyline and surrounding areas where they did their assessment of residential structures and social amenities of those areas, after which the team made recommendations to the Rural District Council, Town planning section. 
Provincial Directorate of Physical Planning of the Manicaland Province has requested that the NUST team does an assessment of more areas such as Kopa, Marongwe and surrounding areas. The team can then make recommendations specific to each area, because each area was affected differently. 

The NUST team has joined forces with a team of experts from the University of Zimbabwe. The UZ team has pre-disaster and post-disaster information which will be crucial in making recommendations of whether the areas can be rehabilitated or communities can be re-settled elsewhere.

 More updates will be received once the NUST Cyclone Idai team submits a report.  
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