ENACTUS Power Team Wins

ENACTUS Clubs from different universities took turns pitching their business ideas under the theme ‘Make a Difference’ at Rainbow Hotel recently. NUST, LSU and GZU formed a power team under one company name called Caste Elite. Their business pitch resulted in the group securing first position and $3730 to invest in their company after showcasing recycled products from delta used cans and containers.

This competition supported by Delta Co-operation in partnership with Boost Fellowship saw five power teams namely Caste Elite, Technovative, Nanoalum, Afriwaste and Planet Heroes competing for the grand prize. Delta Co-operation and Boost Fellowship encourages Enactus Clubs to establish companies that are involved in recycling Delta solid waste containers.

In their pitch, NUST produced travel neck pillows through the use of shredded plastic from Delta used containers. Their counterparts LSU and GZU produced a roofing material using plastic containers mixed with sand and aluminium 3-legged pots respectively.

According to the President of NUST Enactus Club, Nigel Nyathi, their business is focused on research and development which opens space for creating new products that will uplift the company. He added that they don’t want the company to be defined by one product which might end up being uncompetitive.

“When it comes to investment, we understand that it is not about the products but it’s about the company because a product goes through a lifecycle,” Nyathi said.

NUST, LSU and GZU’s team are going to use their money to register their company Caste Elite and commercialise their products on the market. The President of NUST Enactus noted that they have other products like mattresses and doorframes made from Delta recycled products

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