Elevate Trust Club Launch

ELEVATE TRUST an organisation founded by NUST Alumni members, Ms. Scelo Dube and Mr. Velile Dube, launched an Innovations Hub Club at the Ceremonial Hall on the 19th of October this year. The aim of the club’s launch is to create an innovation hub which would help students to find opportunities through solving problems in their communities.

 The club also aims to be a platform where students would learn and exchange ideas amongst themselves. This would help the students to practice their theory knowledge by making it come to reality.

During the launch students were encouraged to have an entrepreneurial mindset and use their innovations as business opportunities. According Ms. Dube, the co-founder of Elevate Trust and Stem Projects Director, successful businesses make it through scientists’ work who execute duties behind the scenes. She highlighted that the club would open students’ mindset in thinking of themselves as entrepreneurs rather than researchers.

 Ms. Dube used herself as an inspiration to the students. She started her company at 23 years while studying towards her MSc. in Biology and Bio-Chemistry at NUST. She noted that because of her entrepreneurial mindset she started LEC bio-tech company, which is into manufacturing and supply of science laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables for schools.

 The Elevate Trust also targets High schools whose aim is to guide students into discovering their passion and making it a career. According to Mr. Dube, the Director of Mentorship, this would help students to avoid a midlife crisis where they find themselves stuck in a job they do not love. 

Mr. Dube also noted that the club would elevate students in 3 steps which are to inspire, innovate and aspire. The elevate trust club would inspire students in showing them how other people succeeded through their innovations so that students aspire to follow a similar route.

 “The club would go beyond inspiring students as it will invite guests in different business sectors to assist students in their different aspirations,” Ms. Dube said. 

She added that there would be an annual summit where innovators would have a chance to pitch their innovations in front of a panel of investors with an aim of get funding. This would enable innovators to contribute toward Zimbabwe’s economic growth and create a bridge between them and industries. 

According to Ms. Dube girls should take advantage of such opportunities as a way to uplift themselves in the STEM sector. She highlighted that STEMFEM, one of the organisations under Elevate Trust, and has a mandate of nurturing females and would ensure that girls are to be empowered through the Innovators Hub activities. 

The Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor, Innovation and Business Development Prof. Yogi Naik, applauded the initiative by Elevate Trust as it ties well with the University’s current outlook. He added it is a good initiative for both the students and university. He also noted that the Club should encompass all fields including Arts and Commercial students as they also play a vital role in the success of innovations. 

According to Prof. Naik social science field is important for scientists to communicate their ideas hence Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics (STEAM) would ensure that the club functions more efficiently. He advised that Commercial and Arts students should work with Science students to co-work together to ensure the importance of their co-existence.

 Students Affairs, Director of Residences, Campus life & Catering, Mr. P. Z. Khumalo highlighted that the university will assist the club’s functionality and open the space for it to be registered as one of the university’s existing clubs.

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