NUST 6th Annual Research Day

THE NUST Research and Development Board hosted the 6th Annual Research Day at Ceremonial Hall recently. The board offers funds that aim to support the publication of researches which will uplift the University’s name as a centre of research.

Researchers were urged to collaborate with different faculties so as to produce quality researches that stand a higher chance to attain funding.

“The research and development board has set US$20 000 to support researches. Therefore, it is important for people to account for these funds,” Prof Y. S. Nalk said.

Accountability is vital because it creates transparency and makes the board aware on how the researcher used the funds to enhance their research.

Prof. Nalk emphasised the need to empower women in research. He noted that 30% of applicants should be females.

Lecturers from various faculties in the university presented their researches to a panel of judges made up of deans from different departments. According to Prof. Nalk, this was the last time deans would be judges, going forward outside professional judges will be invited to partake on this duty.

A total of 15 researchers from five different faculties which include, Commerce, Communication and Information Science, Industrial Technology, Applied Sciences, Science and Technology Education took turns to pitch their researches to the judges. Some of the researchers appreciated the NUST board on helping them to purchase equipment needed for their researches.

A Sport Science Lecturer whose research focused on, “Selected release parameters of the clean shots executed by male league Zimbabwe basketball players,” expressed his gratitude to the board. He added that the camera for his research was funded by the board as well as his presentation at the South African Sports Medicine Association.

The judges highlighted how they were impressed by the Phd lecturers’ presentations. However, they also noted that in future researchers should know their presentations by heart and avoid reading their slides.

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