FundoVR nominated amongst top Innovations

A part two BScEd in Computer Science student, Nkosana Masuku, was among the selected top 10 innovators for the Innovating Education in Africa Expo held in Senegal by the African Union. The Expo is aimed at establishing a multisectoral platform for experience sharing on relevant innovations that address education challenges in Africa.

Masuku’s innovation called FundoVR, empowers the use of virtual reality (VR) technologies at improving education in Zimbabwe by offering low-cost field trips. His innovation was funded US$4000 by African Union at the Expo.

According to Masuku his company (Phenomenon Technologies) will be creating a series of VR content (educational field trips) for example a learner can tour a chemical plant all in the comfort of their class.

“We are providing the experience to them so that they can have a better appreciation of education,” Masuku said.

The use of virtual reality technologies will introduce a new dimension of learning in the Zimbabwean sector which is educative whilst entertaining.

FundoVR aims at providing educational content which enables students to familiarise themselves with real-life experiences, whilst enhancing their understanding of theoretical and practical concepts as viewed during these virtual tours.

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