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Mr M. Mukawa

The Department of Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveyors are involved, as key players, of the construction processes, and have evolved from the traditional role as merely measurers and recorders of building works. Greater expertise and skill is today demanded by the construction industry because of the sophistication and complexity of present day construction.The Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons) Programme at NUST is a 4-year practice-oriented programme structured to integrate theoretical knowledge of construction and building science with the professional and practice requirements of the building industry.It includes one academic year of supervised industrial attachment. The industrial attachment is taken in Part III of the programme. The course was set up in August 2000. Students have access to an infrastructure comprising a computer laboratory,drawing facilities, and library. Public lectures and seminars are also planned. Graduates can look forward to employment by developers, architects, engineers (civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical), local government and central government agencies, contractors and subcontractors, in the planning and implementation of a variety of projects. The department is establishing close ties with the construction industry, the Zimbabwe Institute of Quantity Surveyors, the Association of Building Contractors, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and with the Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe. Regional links are also being developed, particularly with Botswana and South Africa.
Mission Statement

To prepare graduates who are highly trained and competent, and are able to cultivate a professional and conscientious attitude towards their work, so that the respect for the integrity and honest impartiality of the quantity surveying profession may be constantly maintained and enhanced.


“To be the best” and foster a clear commitment to the fundamental qualities which create a healthy, fulfilling, efficient, and life-enhancing built environment

Key objectives / targets
  • To provide effective and excellent teaching at all levels
  • To develop an academic culture commensurate with the state- of- the-art knowledge in construction activities.
  • To ensure that all staff are able to fulfill their potential in academic and professional areas.
  • To provide holistic education for students equipping them to be responsible professionals and citizens.
  • To strengthen links with the private sector for the mutual benefit of both parties.
  • To seek working relations with overseas organizations for the improvement of resource availability and academic advancement.
  • To realize a culture of research in the whole department.
  • To become an increasingly efficient administrative unit within the NUST structure
  • To produce graduate quantity surveyors who will be needed in Zimbabwe and elsewhere. This means providing a sound academic base for our students together with a practical awareness of skills they are required to master, instilling in them a sense of professional ethics that they are to follow if our profession is to prosper.
To develop facilities in the area of quantity surveying that can be used for training our students by upgrading our curriculum on a regular basis.
To develop post graduate courses and research programmes with particular emphasis on areas of relevance to local conditions and needs.
To interact and collaborate internationally with other universities and quantity surveying institutes, and develop links inparticular with corresponding groups in Southern Africa.

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