Master of Urban Design

Urban Design is a new phenomenon which deals with the urban microform at the macro-scale. The focus is on the shaping of various pieces of urban land at macro-scale and with spaces between them at micro-scale levels. It also deals with designing and construction of urban elements. In this regard, this programme aims at educating students with a background in town planning; architecture and other related disciplines in The Built Environment field. The main objective is to develop theoretical frameworks that will be used in practice and develop urban landscapes. Urban Design is responsible for the creation of great urban centres, world heritage cites, landmarks, skylines, street furniture, transport and energy systems, defensible open spaces and environmental ambience. Therefore this programme seeks to capacitate urban developers and managers with the necessary skills and technology to introduce, design and manage urban services. For instance the focus will be on the sound provision and management of housing units, energy supplies, water and sewer reticulation systems, transport networks, storm water drains, communication and recreational facilities, public lighting, corridor, attraction centres and service buildings. The programme will further equip urban developers and managers with the Research, Training and Development (RT&D) techniques to keep themselves abreast with urban environmental changes. It also deals with a number of cross cutting issues like urban agriculture, climate change, urban sociology and urban disaster management, land economics and Urban Design Information Systems (UDIS) as well as sustainable SMART cities.



This is a full-time programme that shall extend over a total period of eighteen (18) months. The first twelve (12) months shall be devoted to the taught component of the programme and shall be divided into two (2) semesters. The last six (6) months will be devoted to the writing of a supervised dissertation and studio project.



To be admitted to the Masters in Urban Design Degree Programme, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • At least successfully completed an undergraduate degree in the following disciplines: Urban Design, Architecture, Rural and Urban Planning, Building Economics, Civil Engineering and Property Management. Other programmes offered in the Built
  • Environment shall be considered on individual basis.
  • A minimum overall pass of lower second class (2.2).
  • Additional qualifications and work experience may be required from all candidates.
  • A candidate with a Pass (P) degree may be required to submit a portfolio of work and/or special interviews will be conducted where necessary.


Formal examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester except for continuous assessment courses which will be d one through course work. Candidates will be required to pass all courses. Each candidate will be required to write one three-hour paper in each of the courses for which he/she registered in addition to the Dissertation and present the Design Studio Project.


(a) Each course, as well as the Dissertation shall be marked out of 100%.
(b) Depending on the nature of the course, each candidate will be required to satisfy the examiners in the following areas:

  • Course Work 30%
  • Written Examination 70%

(c) In addition, an oral and or practical examination may be required at the discretion of the examiners.
(d) Supplementary examinations will be allowed in accordance with the provisions of the “General Regulations” of the University.
(e) For Dissertation, a resubmission period of three months will be allowed.
(f) The University marking scheme for post-graduate programmes will apply in all taught courses.
(g) The pass mark will be 50 %. In the event of a candidate failing, the following conditions will apply:

  • a candidate who fails 50% or more of the registered courses will be asked to discontinue from the programme.
  • all supplementary examinations will be undertaken and passed before proceeding to the final year.
  • a candidate who fails one or two courses may repeat the failed courses in the following year and may proceed to work on their dissertation at the discretion of the Departmental Board of Examiners.

(h) On completion of the Dissertation, Thesis Design Project and Thesis Design Report, a candidate will be required to submit two (2) type-written and spiral bound copies of the Dissertation and the Thesis Design Report for assessment.
(i) A candidate must pass all taught courses, the Dissertation and Design Thesis to qualify for the award of the degree.The Dissertation format and documents will be in accordance with the General Academic Regulations for Higher Degrees of NUST.

Degree Classification

Distinction: 70% and above
Merit: 60%-69%
Pass: 50%-59%
Fail: 49% and below

BUD 6101 Principles And Practice Of Urban Design I -(3 credits)
BUD 6103 Urban Design Studio I -(10 credits)
Urban Design Project I
Urban Design Project II
3-D built form.
BUD 6104 Economics For Urban Design - (3 credits)
BUD 6105 Research Methods in Urban Design-(3 credits)
BAR 6106 Environmental Conservation-(credits)
BAR 6105 Computer Aided Design and Management - (3 credits)
Electives - (3 credits)
BUD 6102 Urban Policy And Infrastructure -(3 credits)
BUD 6201 Principles and Practice Of Urban Design II -(3 credits)
BUD 6202 Urban Design Studio II- (10 credits)
BUD 6203 Urban Design Seminars- (5 credits)
Electives - (3 credits)
Choose at least one elective from the four electives listed.

BUD 7101 Dissertation- (10 credits)
BUD 7102 Urban Design Thesis - (20 credits)
Electives - (3 credits)
Only two (2) electives will be selected from the following list: (Candidates will not be permitted to choose elective courses that they have already studied).
BQS 5102 Advanced Construction, Planning and Management-(3 credits)
BQS 5210 Project Risk Management-(3 credits)
BUD 6204 Transport Planning and Management - (3 credits)
BUD 6205 Geographic Information Systems-(3 credits)


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