Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Property Development & Estate Management

The Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Property Development and Estate Management (BSc PDEM) Programme is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe. The programme blends property management with property development while centralizing the legal framework within which property transactions takes place. It covers the property development process in its totality embodying all types of property and their management aspects. Unavailability of a degree of this nature at the moment in Zimbabwe creates a vacuum within the built environment fraternity. Whilst some of the available courses in the built environment look at the development process, none is looking at how to deal with the property once the development process has lapsed. This programme is therefore specially designed to fill in this void. Fundamentally, the programme could not have found a better place than within the Faculty of the Built Environment [FOBE]. It blends wellwith already established courses within the built environment like quantity surveying and architecturalstudies. Nationally, only the University of Zimbabwe through the Department of Rural and Urban Planning has introduced a related programme at undergraduate level: BSc Honours Degree in Real Estate Management. Otherwise, people who practise in the property industry are either diploma holders obtained from HEXCO and The Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe or have attained degrees in this field from outside Zimbabwe. Therefore, besides complementing training offered by the identified local institutions, the BSc PDEM will give an opportunity to our society to develop graduates of the right stature with requisite skills, expertise and knowledge to deal with real property challenges some of which have been a common feature in local newspapers. Besides enrolling post A’ level students, the programme will also offer opportunities for diploma holders to attain degrees in their chosen profession. More importantly, the programme has a wide market given the wide spectrum of the real property industry stretching from central government, local authorities, financial institutions and the property developers.


Entry Requirements

To be admitted to the Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Property Development and Estate Management, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Two Advanced Level passes one of which should be Geography, Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Management of Business, OR.
  • A National Diploma in Town Planning, Valuation and Estate Management, Quantity Surveying, Architectural Technology, Civil Engineering, Banking, Finance and Business Studies; The Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe certification or its equivalence
  • Additional qualifications and work experience may be an added advantage. In special circumstances, the Department reserves the right to carryout selection interviews.

Structure Of The  Degree Programme

a) The programme will be offered on a full time basis being:

i) Conventional

ii) Block Release

iii) Parallel

b) In both cases the programme shall extend over a period of 4 years.


Examination and Marking  Schemes

General Academic Regulations for undergraduate degrees shall apply.

  • Formal examination will be conducted at the end of each semester for all courses with the exception of Property Studies Research Project
  • Each candidate will be required to write a one three-hour paper in each of the courses for which he/she registered in addition to the dissertation.
  • Each course, as well as research project shall be marked out of one hundred percent (100%).
  • Each course as well as research project where applicable shall have its assessment mark for presentation to the Board of Examiners’ meeting.
  • In certain courses such as research project, oral examination may be conducted by Departmental Panel of Examiners
  • Each candidate will be required to satisfy the examiners in the following areas

Continuous assessment component 30%

Written examination 70%

  • For research project a resubmission period of within three months will normally be required unless where major changes are considered necessary
  • Supplementary examinations will be allowed in accordance with the provisions of the University
  • General Academic Regulations shall apply on marking schemes, carryover, repeat, discontinue and withdraw.
  • On completion of the research project, a candidate will be required to submit two typed and spiral bound copies of the dissertation for assessment.
  • A candidate must pass all taught courses and the research project to qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Property Development and Estate Management.


Course Synopsis


BLP 1101 Property Development I

BLP 1102 History of Urban Development

AQS 2109 Statistics

AAR 1104 Introduction to Materials and Construction I

AQS 1104 Principles of Microeconomics

AQS 1107 Techniques of Gathering Materials, Report Writing and Specification I

PLC 1101 Peace Leadership and Conflict Transformation

BLP1201 Property Accounting

BLP1202 Introduction to Information Technology and Applications

BLP 1203 Architectural Presentations

AAR 1204 Introduction to Materials and Construction II

AQS1204 Principles of Macroeconomics

BLP 1204 Construction Law

PLC1202 Peace Leadership and Conflict Transformation



BLP 2101 Property Development II

BLP 2102 Property Valuation I

BLP2103 Urban and Estate Planning

AAR 2102 Building Construction I

AAR 3103 Building Services I

BLP 2104 Building Economics

BLP 2105 Property Law I

BLP 2201 Property Valuation II

BLP 2202 Property Law II

BLP 2203 Land Economics

BLP 2204 Research Tools and Techniques

AAR 2202 Building Construction II

AAR 3203 Building Services II



BLP 3001 Industrial attachment 



BLP 4001 Property Studies Research Project

BLP 4101 Property Valuation III

BLP 4102 Estate Management I

BLP 4103 Property Taxation

BLP 4104 Project Planning and Management

BLP 4105 Urban Management

BLP 4001 Property Studies Research Project

BLP 4201 Property Valuation IV

BLP 4202 Professional Practice and Procedure

BLP 4203 Estate Management II

BLP 4204 Property Development Finance

BLP 4205 Real Property Marketing

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