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These resources are available following an incident of sexual violence. The resources a person may need following an incident that occurred several weeks, months, or years ago may be different so not all resources listed here may be relevant to you at this time. Certain procedures for medical treatment and the preservation of physical evidence are more effective immediately following an incident.  However, all options are available below as needed. These resources are at your disposal.
Law Enforcement:

NUST Campus Security Department
Location: First Floor, Administration Building
To report an assault, call: 0712 213 859, 0775 947 572, 0775 655 575, 0775 869 080
Campus Security provides 24-hour law enforcement and security services to both students and staff as well as off-campus areas in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). The departments' goal is to provide a safe and secure environment in which students can learn, grow, and enjoy their learning experience. You can visit the department anytime to talk about any safety concerns or questions. It is your choice as to whether or not to notify ZRP of sexual assault, interpersonal violence, or stalking. You can also report concerns anonymously through ZRP's Hotline. 

ZRP Station Numbers

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  • Keep NUST Security phone numbers : 0712 213 859, 0775 947 572, 0775 655 575, 0775 869 080
  • Keep police post phone numbers : 09 241161
Community Relations Office      09-60358   0776 097 122
Bulawayo Central District (09)69699  
Bulawayo Central (09)71515  
License Inspectorate (09)74318  
Bulawayo West District (09)886370  
Mzilikazi (09)77619  
Njube (09)412096  
Western Commonage (09)406775  
Entumbane (09)418243  
Nkulumane District (09)881536  
Nkulumane (09)48145  
Luveve (09)520803  
Magwegwe (09)424771  
Pumula (09)422907  
Tshabalala (09)489564  
Bulawayo Suburban District (09)65891  
Hillside (09)242426  





Queenspark (09)226414  
Airport (09)296589
Medical Attention:
NUST strives to ensure that no student under care for sexual violence be denied medical examination or care.
If you have been sexually assaulted within the past 180 hours, it is important to get the proper medical evaluation.  The Campus clinic has specially trained Staff and Counsellors who can provide medical care, test for STIs and pregnancy, and collect forensic evidence that can later be used in court.  Even if you do not think you would like to pursue a criminal case, you can have the evidence collected anonymously so you can decide later whether filing a police report is right for you. The NUST DNA centre is available for further forensics.

Student Health services
The onsite Campus Clinic provides general medical care for students who have been sexually assaulted. Services include testing for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV, prescriptions for STI antibiotics, treatment for injuries, and referrals to support services. Please keep in mind that an examination done at Student Health Services is NOT admissible in court as evidence that an assault has taken place. If you think you may wish to file a police report at any time, Student Health staff will recommend that you a hospital, where medical evidence can be extracted and preserved.

Counseling and Case Management:
Post-Graduate and Undergraduate students who are survivors of sexual violence (including sexual assault), interpersonal violence, and stalking can get information and support about their choices including, but not limited to: housings and accommodations, filing a formal report with the Office of the Dean of Students, referrals and accompaniment for medical assessment and treatment, assistance with law enforcement and obtaining a protective order, safety assessment and planning, and assessment of the need for additional social and emotional support.
Post-Graduate and Undergraduate students who are victims of gender violence, sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking can get information and support about their options including, but not limited to:
  • Assessment of your needs for emotional support
  • Housing and Resident accommodations
  • Referrals for medical assessment and treatment
  • Filing a formal report with the Student Affairs Office
  • Assistance with law enforcement and obtaining a protective / restraining order
  • Safety assessment
  • Trauma-based therapy
Services include:
  • Counseling and Case Management: Therapy for survivors of gender violence, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape, stalking, and dating violence is available to students who are enrolled at NUST as full-time students. Our licensed clinical psychologists will provide clinical interventions to assist the student in resolving symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Medical Care Accompaniment: A trained staff member will accompany a survivor of sexual assault to seek medical care after an assault.  If the survivor so desires, this care may include a forensic examination to collect evidence of the assault or follow-up appointments for STI prophylaxis and pregnancy testing. Throughout the processes, we will be there to answer questions and offer support.
  • Legal Accompaniment: Designated Staff members will accompany a survivor of gender violence to report a crime to police, obtain a protective order or attend court if criminal or civil actions are pursued.  The Police may also take a report from a student and or explain their options.

Student Affairs Division,
West Wing - Administration Block,
NUST Main Campus,
Cnr Cecil Avenue & Gwanda Road,
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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