There are two main modes of student accommodation: University halls of residence and privately owned rented accommodation.

University Halls of Residence
This mode is split into three sites:

  • On-campus residence, which comprises halls of residence on the main campus and primarily meant for undergraduate students. The current capacity is for 156 residents - 76 male students and 80 female students. Students apply to the Director of Student Residences, Campus Life and Catering for accommodation before the beginning of the academic year. Because of the overwhelming demand for on-campus accommodation and the limited capacity, allocation to applicants is by lucky draw, only to registered students.
  • Mpilo Medical School Halls of Residence are at the Mpilo Hospital complex and are for Medical students only. The current capacity is for 48 residents - 24 male students and 24 female students.
  • Rose Flats Complex is about one kilometre from the Central Business District (CBD) of Bulawayo. The capacity is 42 residents, who are primarily Medical students.

Warden and Sub-wardens
The Warden has a loco parentis responsibility, available to provide primary counselling and guidance to residents and to refer all cases that require special attention. There are sub-wardens for each residential site. They are appointed to serve over an academic year and are senior under-graduate or graduate students. Reporting to the Warden, the sub-wardens ensure that the day-to-day obligations of the University are carried out to fulfil the needs of residents. They also monitor the observance of regulations by residents and ensure that a clean environment is maintained.

Meals and bedding
Residents provide their own linen. No meals or their ingredients are provided, but infrastructural facilities are provided for residents to store and prepare their own meals.

Off-campus Privately-owned Rented accommodation
Because of the critical shortage of space within University halls of residence, a greater percentage of the student population stays in privately owned rented accommodation. As an intervention or way of assisting these students, at the beginning of each semester the University flights an advert in the public newspaper, soliciting for accommodation from the Bulawayo community. The University is not directly involved in the management of these facilities, but only indicates where they are, to the prospective occupant. The rest is a private arrangement between the landlord and the student although the University makes regular checks, and interventions to ensure the conduciveness of all such environments in which students are housed.