Through its competent team of professionals, the division offers a number of invaluable services to the students, as part of guaranteeing high quality student life. The services include, but are not limited to the following:

Student Health Services
The NUST Clinic caters for the welfare of all current NUST students when the University is in session...Read more

Student Counselling Services
Our Student Counselling and Advisory Services are designed to provide opportunities for students to gain insight into their personal and emotional distress and help them develop emotional resilience by nurturing their adaptabilities and coping abilities...Read more

Chaplaincy Services
The Chaplain provides Ecumenical and Spiritual Life to the University community, with the assumption that the students are already members of churches which will continue to nurture their spiritual life through on-campus worship groups or structures...Read more

Career Guidance and Employment Services
The Career Guidance and Eployment Office offers a comprehensive student-centred service, providing resources and programmes that are designed to help students explore, select and pursue meaningful careers...Read more

Student Accommodation
There are two main modes of student accommodation: University halls of residence and privately owned rented accommodation...Read more

Sporting and Recreation Services
The Sports and Recreation Department is a unit within the Division of Student Affairs that has the broad overall responsibility of providing sporting and recreational opportunities and activities which contribute to the health, wellness and personal development of the students...Read more