Sports Science contributes significantly to the enhancement of sports performance and holistic development of human beings. Sport, whether at a recreational, competitive or administrative level, provides a significant learning experience promoting awareness of a healthy life-style, fostering leadership and organizational skills, building positive character traits and creating opportunities to excel.

The development of sport in Zimbabwe should be informed by a clear commitment to transforming sport at all levels and in all sporting disciplines through a scientific approach. A comprehensive sport sciences service needs to be backed up by an effective broad-based participation programme that should have close ties with the community in which it operates.

This is bound to promote capacity building and the empowerment of sports people and bodies throughout Zimbabwe. The BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and Coaching Undergraduate is offered. The programme is designed to provide students with in depth knowledge and understanding of Sport and Exercise Sciences. The department offers opportunities for study and research in various sporting disciplines and the disciplinary sciences which form the basis for training methods, training management, coaching strategies and performance improvement