Why study with us?

  • The Department offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes that meet the needs of the student, the discipline, industry and society. The courses in the degree programmes enhance mathematical skills, and problem solving skills necessary in today's society.
  • The degree programmes develop the students' ability to critically analyse data, present and interpret mathematical results in both a written and oral format.
  • The Department encourages and reinforces the critical thinking skills of the students and provides an environment which will help all students to achieve their professional goals.
  • Our academic staff are passionate about their discipline, and their teaching engages and inspires students.

  • Our students are attached at reputable companies and our graduates are in high demand in both the private and public sector.

  • Our graduates go on to rewarding careers in many different areas or to further studies at universities across the world.

Applied mathematics graduates find opportunities in both the private and public sectors. In the private sector, they are in high demand in financial services, scientific and engineering research, software development, and management consulting. In the public sector, they analyze and develop public policy, safeguard digital resources, and process intelligence data. By training, applied mathematicians are cross-disciplinary, making them adaptable to emerging new industries and technologies.







B.Sc Honours in Applied Mathematics



1. Teacher at High School
2. Teaching Assistant at University
3. Production Planner
4. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
5. Data Analyst
6. Trainee Insurance Underwriter
7. Research Officer
8. Statistician
9. Business Analyst
10. Risk Analyst




M.Sc in Applied Mathematical Modelling


1. Lecturer at University
2. Research Fellow
3. Data Manager
4. Database Administrator
5. Market Research Analyst
6. Financial Analyst
7. Investment Analyst
8. Derivatives Trader
9. Data Mining Scientist
10. Modelling Consultant