Industrial Attachment

It is a University requirement that students go on industrial attachment during their Third Year. The main reason is so that students will be enabled to apply the theory learnt at NUST to real life problemsin industry.

Attachment is looked for by both the Department and the student. The Department has a working relationship with lots of companiess which map different career paths for students.

Transport & Logistics:

Production Planning:

- Optimisation of business processes

- Simulation of queues in banks
- Operational Risk Assessment
- R. D of new products

Non-Governmental Organisations:
- Monitoring & Evaluation
- Survey Analysis
- Logistics
- Humanitarian
- Monitoring of disease outbreaks

- Optimal utilisation of limited resources

Government / Research Institutions:
- Statistical analysis
- Experimental design

Mobile Network Companies:
- Business Analytics
- Data mining

Vital Information for students on attachment- Download File Here