Why study with us?

The Department of Applied Chemistry offers one of the most highly rated chemistry programs in the country. Our emphasis is the application of chemistry to real life challenges for sustainable development.  
Chemistry is considered a ‘‘central science’’ as it interconnects various fields of science, touching our every day lives, from the soap we bath with in the morning, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the medicine we take, to everything in the car you drive to work.

Thus studying chemistry opens numerous carrier prospects in different fields of chemistry and related industries. Our graduates have served in different capacities as Process, Quality Assurance, Laboratory, Sales, Research and Development personnel, amongst others. Over the years they have made valuable contributions to some the following industries in Zimbabwe:

*  Pharmaceuticals
*  Minerals Processing
*  Chemicals
*  Food and Drink
*  Energy, Oil and Gas
*  Fertilizers
* Pesticides
*  Plastics and Polymers
*  Glass and Ceramics
*  Paper and Printing
*  Textiles and Dyes
*  Soaps and Detergents
*  Water and Wastewater Treatment
*  Process Contracting
*  Environmental Protection
*  Recycling and Reclamation
*  Public Institutions
* Marketing
* Academia

Apart from the local industries our graduates are dotted right around the world where they have served with distinction, as attested on our students’ testimonials page.

Because we equip our students with various skills in our programs, from data handling, computing to problem solving, you need not to restrict yourself  to chemistry after graduation, it can be a stepping stone to many other opportunities, e.g managerial and administrative work.