National University of Science and Technology’s (NUST) article in PLATFORM2013 discusses how gender inequalities continue to influence the dependence of women on men, and how textile technologies have been used to empower women to minimize this dependence through training and research.

    Researcher: Prof. Londiwe C Nkiwane, Associate Professor in Textile Technology | NUST | Bulawayo | Zimbabwe.

    The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) is committed to community engagement and having its research focused on the problems affecting communities (particularly rural) and addressing the Millennium Development Goals,” said Vice­Chancellor Prof. L.R. Ndlovu while discussing Research Uptake at National University of Science and Technology.

    Thus, the NUST Mission Statement, Research Strategy and Research Policy have elements which focus on these issues. The Research Policy (to be implemented shortly) has Research Uptake through dissemination as a significant component. The research project being high­lighted here (for DRUSSA) has addressed issues of poverty alleviation in rural communities and empowerment of women. The current beneficiaries of the outputs have been policy­makers, rural communities and academic audiences. The project has been prioritised (along with three others) for wider dissemination through the NUST web page and other routes such as social and print media.”

    Research uptake is defined as the ‘process of becoming aware of and accessing research outputs, and the institutions, policies, systems and mechanisms supporting this process’.  Research uptake involves the following categories:

    • Dissemination of research findings (message);
    • Capacity development;
    • Influence (social influence);
    • Collaboration between researchers and users (Communication);
    • Incentives and reinforcement;
    • an Enabling environment and
    • Research on Uptake and Use (Development Research Uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa (DRUSSA), 2010).

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