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Faculty Of Medicine

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Friends of the Faculty

The Zimbabwe Health Training Support (ZHTS) (

The ZHTS is a network of doctors who are based mainly in the Uk but also in other countries. They are either of Zimbabwean origin or once worked in Zimbabwe and have a desire to assist with the training of medical students among other activities. During the economic melt-down, particularly during the years 2006 through to 2008 ZHTS afforded our nascent Faculty tremendous support by way of sourcing  teaching resources (books, Videos and DVDs and a digital projector), securing visiting lecturers and supporting a student buddy relationship between the NUST medical students and their counterparts at Kings College London. This buddy relationship continues to date and is welcomed by both staff and students as it pushes the students’ horizons of exposure.


Sponsors of Students' Prizes

The system of performance-related prizes serves three purposes:

- To motivate and reward excellent performance by students

- To provide a marketing opportunity for the sponsors

- To  create a profile for all – the sponsor, the student and the University. 

The Faculty welcomes the sponsorship of Performance-based Prizes by various bodies. Usually such Prizes are monetary. The Prizes are recorded in the student’s academic transcript.