National University of Science & Technology

"Think In Other Terms"

Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours)

Entry Regulations
Both the general University and Faculty admission requirements apply
In addition, aspiring candidates must have :

  • 'A' level Biology and either
  • 'A' level Chemistry, Geography, Physics or Mathematics
  • or their equivalent.

Duration Of Study

The degree programmes are four-year full-time programmes. Students are expected to be on the NUST campus during their first, second and fourth years of study for the taught components while the third is for industrial attachment. Courses are offered on a two-semester basis as follows:

August to December: First Semester (six courses)
January to May: Second Semester (six courses)

Aims and Objectives of Degree Course

The new programmes have been designed to provide broad-based education for undergraduate students in the fields of forest and wildlife resources management. Such fields cover issues including those related to resource use, protection and enhancement of environmental quality. It is further hoped that the graduates from these programmes will develop abilities to think and analyse issues pertaining to natural resources conservation and management without being limited by the conventional constraints of academic boundaries. Given such a background, some of the departmental and programme objectives are to produce graduates who are able to:

  • Carry out research on natural resources conservation and utilisation
  • Manage forest and wildlife resources sustainably
  • Provide professional advice on matters relating to technical and environmental policy;
  • Participate and provide leadership in the formulation of appropriate strategies in forestry and wildlife resource conservation and utilisation;
  • Participate in raising awareness in the field of forestry and wildlife resources management; and
  • Pursue postgraduate studies in forestry and wildlife management areas.