The Regulations for the Diploma hereinafter referred to as the Diploma in Disaster Management (DDMP) complement but are subordinate to the University General Academic Regulations for Diploma by coursework, hereinafter referred to as the General Academic Regulations.

Duration of Programme and Delivery Systems

The programme, consisting of coursework, shall normally be completed over 14 months on an intensive part-time block release basis. The academic year shall normally begin in July/August. On a block release basis, delivery shall be allocated as follows:

First Year:

  • Part I Block One 6 Modules
  • Part II Block Two 6 Modules
  • Second Year:

  • Part III Block Three Dissertation
  • The Programme will be divided into 30 day sessions spread over two blocks. Six modules will be covered in each block. Each module shall be taught for a total of 40 contact hours i.e. five consecutive days of 8 hours each. Hence each block shall comprise 30 days. The last Block shall be a non-taught Block where Candidates will be required to submit a Dissertation after discussion sessions with their Supervisors. Therefore the Programme shall consist of twelve (12) taught Modules and a Dissertation.

    Entry Requirements

    To be considered for admission into the DDM programme, a candidate should normally hold at least five ‘O’ level passes at grade C or better inclusive of English and Mathematics. However, candidates who do not have “O” Level Mathematics can apply and shall be required to successfully complete a compulsory mathematics access course (Quantitative Methods CQM 1100) before commencement of the programme.

    NOTE: All Short-listed candidates for admission to the Diploma in Disaster Management programme shall be interviewed as part of the selection process.

    Programme Modules

    The programme is divided into three semesters. The first and second semester are six weeks long and are devoted to the taught courses. Six modules will be covered in each session and one module will be covered per 5 day period. All modules taught in each session will be examined.

    First Block

    DDM1001 Introduction to Disaster Management
    DDM1002 Introduction to the Sphere Project and the Humanitarian Charter
    DDM1003 Introduction to Project Planning and Management
    DDM1004 Disasters and Development
    DDM1005 Emergency Information Management
    DDM1006 Introduction to Research Methods

    Second Block

    DDM2002 Project Management
    DDM2003 Introduction Financial Management
    DDM2004 Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Planning
    DDM2005 Disaster Management Policy and Legislation
    DDM2006 Food Aid Management and Planning

    Third Block

    DDM3001 Mini-Dissertation

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